We Are Oceania (WAO) is a collaborative project aimed at centralizing the support system for all Micronesian communities, families and individuals in Hawai‘i.

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Cultural differences between Micronesia and Hawai'i in the areas of medical care, employment, education and laws, compounded with the unfamiliarity with navigating Hawai'i's systems and services, has led to the numerous challenges facing the Micronesian community in Hawai'i. Challenges such as homelessness, urgent medical care needs and incarcerations are the serious concerns. We Are Oceania provides assistance and support in helping members of the Micronesian community who face these challenges.

We operate on very limited resources that cover our basic expenses; however, there are so many urgent needs in our community that we need to respond to and your generous donation will enable us to do so. Every dollar we collect through our general donation page goes directly towards supporting those efforts. We appreciate any and all contributions so that we may help our community become stronger and more resilient.

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