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Kōkua Our PIDF ʻOhana

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Kōkua Our PIDF ʻOhana

A fundraiser for Maui Tūtū and Me Keiki, ʻOhana, and Staff impacted by the Lahaina Wildfires

No kāhi ka pilikia, pau a pau.

When one is in trouble, all [give aid].

- ʻŌlelo Noʻeau #2332

In times of crisis, our kānaka (people) have always united to support one another. It is an expression of true Aloha to care for our neighbors and friends. Please join the staff and community partners of PIDF in surrounding our Maui ʻOhana, keiki, and staff impacted by the fires by making a contribution to kōkua them in this time of need. Your generosity will make a tangible difference in their lives and help them to begin the long process of rebuilding and healing. Every single dollar raised through this fundraiser will be directed toward providing immediate and long-term relief and assistance to the affected families and staff of PIDF.